• Be a resident of Hawai‘i.
    • Be a full-time student in an accredited two- or four-year college as a classified undergraduate student or a vocational program full-time student in or out of the State of Hawai‘i.
    • Have a cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) of 2.5 for graduating high school seniors or undergraduate students. If cumulative G.P.A. is less than 2.5 provide a letter of explanation for consideration.
    • Official transcript required to be considered for this scholarship.  Your official transcript will need to be uploaded into your application and submitted prior to the deadline.
    • Be mindful of the ordering and receiving timeline and process when contacting your school registrar for the necessary documents.
    • Official Transcript must be signed by academic institution.
    • Unofficial transcripts taken from online portals will not be accepted and application will be disqualified.

Contact us via email at if you have any questions regarding this requirement.

  • HCCH bylaws/policy gives preference to applicants of Hawaiian ancestry to the extent that the law permits.

New 2024 Scholarship criteria

Applicant Interviews

Interviews will be conducted virtually by the HCCH Scholarship committee. Applicants will be notified after deadline regarding scheduling of an interview. Interviews will be held in June 2024.

Letter of Recommendation

  • One letter of recommendation (LOR) is required to meet application criteria.
  • LOR should come from a school teacher, professor, coach, or extra-curricular leader.
  • LOR should share about an applicant’s character, contributions, activities, and potential for completing a college degree. 

LOR to be uploaded as .pdf into application. Please submit name and relationship of recommender to applicant on application when uploading the document. Please reach out if unable to upload directly to application form via email