What is the review process once applications are received?

The eligibility application reviewer, prior to essay review, reviews qualification criteria for each application. Each application is automatically assigned a number. Scholarship committee members who review and score essays are “blind” to applicant demographics. Extra credit is determined by the eligibility application reviewer and is provided to the essay reviewers after scoring of the essays. Scholarship awards and their recipients are recommended to the HCCH Board of Directors based upon scoring (includes extra credit if applicable).

How much is the scholarship award?

The HCCH Scholarship Committee determines the amount of the award. Awards vary and are based on the quality of the essay and funds availability which can fluctuate each year due to fundraising efforts. Scholarship checks are made payable to the scholarship recipient and the post-high institution and are mailed directly to the university, college, or vocational program financial aid office.

What can the scholarship award be used for?

Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, books and other educational expenses.

If previously awarded a scholarship, is reapplication in subsequent years permitted?

Yes, provided that qualification criteria is met. These are one-year scholarships. A previous scholarship award is not a guarantee of future awards.

What is the process of notification for applicants?

Notification of scholarship award or non-award will be communicated to applicants in August. Generally students and their ‘ohana have questions if a scholarship is not awarded. The usual reasons for non-award are not completing the items on the application checklist, or scoring below the acceptable range of consideration.

To improve a student applicant’s success for future HCCH scholarship awards, the scholarship committee is willing to provide additional feedback upon a direct request from the applicant.The scholarship committee respect’s the student applicant’s privacy and an ‘ohana inquiry will be redirected to their student applicant.

The scholarship committee encourages reapplication, if eligible, in the next year.

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